Do I Still Need To Take My Remedy?

You may have been taking a remedy for quite a while for a condition, for example if you’ve got used to knowing that if you take the remedy once a week then x, y and z symptoms stay away. This is great to have found your rhythm with the remedy But you may be wondering “Do I still need it?”

Homeopathy isn’t like Allopathy / Orthodox drugs where you have to keep taking the drug forever to stay “well” with some conditions. No, you will hopefully find that the homeopathic remedy cures the issue! So one day you can safely stop the remedy and actually truly be Well! Wouldn’t that be amazing!

In homeopathy, a fundamental principle is that you should only repeat a remedy when you need to, when symptoms start to return. You may have got into the habit of taking a remedy to avoid the symptoms returning. And if the symptoms are ones that are pretty difficult to handle then I definitely agree that a remedy to avoid them returning is great!

At the same time you Really don’t want to risk overdoing a remedy. Some homeopaths say that remedies are entirely harmless and definitely don’t cause any “side effects” or issues if you take a remedy you don’t need or for too long. However there are a multitude of other homeopaths who say the opposite is true! This is something I broach in another article. But the long and the short of it is, care is needed in continuing a remedy if you are not sure if you need it.

If you think you may not need the remedy as often as you have been taking it, or maybe don’t need it at all anymore, try reducing it a little bit. Suddenly stopping it may cause you bigger problems that take a long time to fix if you weren’t ready to stop it! So take little steps.

So for example if you have been taking a remedy three times a day, try reducing to two times a day. Give yourself a few days and see how you feel. If all is OK then you could then try to reduce to once a day.

Ultimately the only way to know if you don’t need a remedy any more is to reduce it and see.

If you are on a high dose of a remedy, you may need to reduce to a lower dose remedy rather than stop the remedy completely. This might be wise if you have relied on the remedy for a while at a high dose.

Remember that everyone is different and remember to be gentle on yourself!