How Will Homeopathy Affect Me?

The subtle response

Some remedies (and dosages) can have a very subtle and long acting effect and patience is required to let these gentle responses unfold, like the slow opening of a flower.

The subtle response may be slow and require patience but it can be totally amazing to see how its long action works through many systems of your energies.

Remedies work on a vibrational level and it may take time to become familiar with spotting the smaller signs that your remedy is working. Everyone is different in terms of their level of sensitivity. Some have a very high sensitivity and feel Everything as it happens in minute detail (like me!) but others may not feel a thing, or think that they don’t when in actual fact they just don’t notice the more subtle changes. Sometimes all it takes is a little self-training to notice things on this level. Other times you only notice the changes after a period of time when you look back and see a few symptoms have vanished!!

Whichever level of sensitivity you are, it may be best for you to keep a diary of what tablets you had and when, and all your symptoms day by day (or hour by hour if you’re that keen on detail or struggling a lot, and really want to keep a close eye on things!). In this way you can spot patterns and may see changes that you might not otherwise be conscious of. You might also decide to keep score of your symptoms (e.g. headache 7/10 pain today, whereas it was 9/10 pain yesterday).

The subtle response can happen with low doses or high doses. No particular remedy will definitely be subtle either (as everyone is different). The subtle effect can happen when you take a dose repeatedly throughout the day or if one dose is given once a month!

If this is the course your body takes then it’s the course you need, even if you want your body to go much much faster than it wants and needs to.

The intense response

At the other end of the scale there is the intense response. And here I mean the Good kind of intense response! This is when you very quickly and very obviously feel relief of some kind when you take a remedy. This can be as common as the slow, long, subtle effect.

An example is where a remedy is taken and some form of pain or stomach upset just vanishes immediately.

The in between and fluctuations

And as with everything there are various stages of in between!! And fluctuations between these levels of healing as life shifts and turns around us and as we adjust within.