How To Find Homeopathic Remedies

If we have been discussing the best remedy for you then you may be ready to start thinking about where to find your remedies.

If you are in the UK I may be able to send you remedies myself by post for a small fee to cover the cost of the remedies plus p&p. In most cases I help people source their own remedies online via a homeopathic pharmacy (in your own country if you live outside of the UK). This is to save time and to avoid any problems at customs.

Some common and low dose remedies are available at standard chemists or pharmacies locally to you, so it is worth a look. For example, Arnica 30c is a popular remedy to be found in many drug stores and is something I do prescribe to many as it is a very useful remedy, not just for first aid.

In the UK I use Ainsworth’s homeopathy pharmacy online a lot. I can easily select which remedies I would like and which dosage, and they are usually pretty quick to respond. I can buy these remedies for you if you would prefer, so there is no confusion. Usually they deliver in 1-2 working days depending on when you order.