Should I Increase My Dosage?

Sometimes you may need to increase the dosage of your homeopathic remedy every now and then to stay on top of your symptoms. As if the remedy has “stopped working” at a lower dose. In Orthodox medicine terms this would mean that your body had got used to the medicine, become tolerant to it, and it was no use any more, or increase the dosage and watch the side effects increase to an unbearable level.

In homeopathy the remedy keeps on working until it’s burnt through the layer of healing it needed to. If you need to increase the dosage and / or frequency of the remedy in order to keep up with the healing then so be it!! It is like you are pulling something out from the dark to heal it. The more you gently tug on it, the bigger it is overall and the deeper it will have been lurking in your energies, so it’s not surprising that some need higher doses over time to keep pulling at this big old bear of an energy that is being healed!