How Often Should I Take My Homeopathic Remedy?

If you have taken a remedy and received an intense healing reaction, the good kind! Like when the pain or stomach upset you took the remedy for just vanishes immediately. It may later return and then the remedy is repeated and the problem goes again.

This can seem like a regular Orthodox pain relief or stomach calming medicine. But it is without side effects. And it heals you! It doesn’t just cover up the problem with a sticking plaster.

The repetition of the remedy can mean that it is healing something a little deeper with each repetition and then you may need the remedy less often, then eventually not at all. If you need to take the remedy more frequently in order to keep up with the healing then so be it!

Or it can mean that something is blocking this particular problem from healing properly – for example a miasm (a deeper current of energy to heal) or a different problem that needs healing first. The body decides which order we heal things in, not the mind!