Which Type of Homeopathic Tablet

There are a variety of tablet types to choose from:

  • hard sucrose (sugar, round) pills
  • hard lactose (flat, round) tablets
  • soft lactose (dissolve easily) tablets

If you have Candida overgrowth or sensitivities you might wish to experiment with different pill types. For example, I find I tolerate the soft lactose pills very well, but sometimes the sucrose pills can trigger a slight candida response in me. I tolerate the occasional sucrose pill but mostly I keep to the soft lactose tablets. Everyone is different though! This is just one example. I am sure some people swear by the sucrose pills and prefer them for all remedies they take.

A reason to choose the soft dissolving lactose tablets is if you have sore teeth! where biting is an issue. Yes all homeopathic tablets ought to be dissolved under the tongue but the hard tablets take an age and a day to dissolve fully. When taking hard tablets I start with the remedy under my tongue (as that’s where most of the remedy is, on the outside of the pill). But once I get bored of waiting for it to dissolve I give it a nibble to break it up, then put it back under my tongue so it can dissolve more quickly. This process can be a bit tough on your teeth if they are sensitive to pressure. You don’t have any of these issues with the soft dissolvable lactose tablets. For this reason it’s good to have a variety of possibilities and experiment with what works for you.

Another reason I particularly like the soft lactose tablets is their speed of action. I do find some of the remedy absorbs into the inner part of the tablet (the remedy solution is dropped or sprayed onto the outside of blank tablets). So for me I feel the whole tablet contains some of the energy of the remedy, with the outside being the strongest concentration. When you want the whole tablet Very quickly, in an emergency or an important moment, the hard tablets are time-consuming to dissolve. A quick soft tablet gives instant relief. OK all tablets (soft and hard) can give a sudden reaction but sometimes you need full absorption immediately. For example, if you suffer with very sudden stomach upsets, like a sudden stress reaction / IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), if you take that remedy at the very first gurgle, you can save yourself a rush to the loo! Yes that instant. It’s Amazing!

So it may be best to select a tablet type based on what you are planning to use the remedy for (e.g. urgent situations) and what sensitivities and concerns you have generally (e.g. sensitive teeth, Candida or other food sensitivities). Or purchase a range of types and experiment and see what works best for you!