Your Consultation

My homeopathic practice is entirely web-based so I can reach as many as possible worldwide, in any timezone. I work from home full time, so my hours are flexible. I use email to chat with you and talk through your symptoms and how best I can help you.

When you first contact me, let me know an outline of the problems you are having and I can get a general idea of what we will hope to achieve in homeopathy. I am currently offering a discounted consultation for £14.99. For this first session I will request a detailed “case history”, which is a list of your current symptoms and work up of your general well-being, mind-set and emotional happiness, likes and dislikes, plus some past history and why/how your symptoms began. Once payment of the £14.99 is made, and this list of your symptoms received, I will start working “behind the scenes” on researching and identifying your homeopathic remedies. I will then come back to you with an outline of my recommendations and why I have selected these remedies for you. I like to give people as much information as I can about their treatment plan, so expect me to discuss why I have made the choices for your remedies as I have. This treatment research and explanation is included in the cost of the initial consultation.

What’s not included, and why? Your homeopathic remedies themselves are not included in the cost of your consultation. This is because I recommend people purchase their remedies directly from an online homeopathic pharmacy, so that you are in control of your own treatment. There are now many trusted places available online to purchase homeopathic remedies, and these are often the easiest places to shop these days. I can make recommendations of homeopathic online pharmacies for you to browse. To give you an idea of cost, a 7g bottle of a remedy (which should give you plenty of pills for your initial treatment) with delivery, within the UK, can be about £15. For those outside of the UK, I will help you find an online pharmacy in your area and the best prices. Once we have settled on a homeopathic pharmacy that works for you, this will make the process so much easier for you in future if you require more remedies at any time. It will mean that you always have access to more remedies, the power in your hands.

To book your consultation at this discounted price you can Send a Payment (£14.99) or email me, Katy, at

Please email me your list of symptoms as soon as possible after making payment so I can begin my research for you.