What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy works on the principle of like cures like. The remedy is something that would cause the same symptoms as the person is experiencing if taken in pure form. As an example of this, Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy) discovered homeopathy when he repeatedly took quinine Orthodox medication for malaria while he was in a healthy state. He gave himself the symptoms of malaria as a result! He developed a dosage of quinine homeopathically, this is a very very tiny dose, so highly diluted that there is barely a molecule remaining, sometimes not even that. He took this newly made remedy which then relieved his malaria symptoms! Homeopathic quinine (China) became the first homeopathic remedy.

Later, Hahnemann developed the process of sharply banging and shaking (vibrating) the remedies so as to activate them energetically. This makes them more powerful with fewer aggravations (flare ups) during healing.

All kinds of items are used to produce homeopathic remedies (e.g. plants and minerals), including poisons. Many of these items are dangerous in their pure state but in their homeopathic diluted and vibrated form they are enormously healing and safe. Some examples are Arsenicum Album (Arsenic) and Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade).

The effects of the item in its pure state on an individual is used to prescribe the remedy. When selecting a remedy we are looking for the closest match between these effects and your symptoms across your whole body and energy system. For example, if you come to me for help with headaches / migraines, I will ask you to tell me everything you can about this symptom (e.g. do you see flashing lights, do you get a fever, feel nauseous, do you feel better for lying down in a dark room?) And I will also ask if you have any other symptoms physically – not just when you experience the migraines, but at other times too. Perhaps you have chronic arthritis, corns on your toes, or a hip that keeps hurting and keeping you awake at night. Doesn’t seem connected to your migraines? Nope? YES it is!!! Everything in our mind, body and spirit is connected! So when we talk about your symptoms, tell me all please! As it will help me understand your symptom picture better. Each symptom can be like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Got a weird obscure detail? Definitely tell me this too, as these unique symptoms can be the thing that clinches the right remedy for you. What do I mean by “weird obscure detail”? A few examples for you: do you burn up when you eat onions, to the point where you avoid them entirely as you are just too sensitive to them? Can you tell there’s a storm coming by a strange pain/ache in your body? If you have pain in your body, does it help to lie down on that side, but if you stand up and move around does it hurt terribly? The kinds of details the doctor doesn’t want to know, I love!!! These details help me find the best remedy for you. It all counts.