Hidden, Suppressed Illnesses

Will homeopathy dig up something you thought was no longer there?

Quite possibly!

This is something to be aware of. When we have had a physical problem, for example, and we’ve taken Orthodox treatment to “cure” it, and somewhat successfully (and mercifully!) it may seem that we have indeed cured it . . .

But have we cured it or suppressed it?

There’s a difference.

Take a problem and shove it under the carpet. Has it gone? No! You just can’t see it. It’s still there, festering (maybe seeping in the carpet above or floor below . . .) and waiting to show itself in a new and interesting way.

No this is not nice, and I’m sorry about the slightly icky description there, but unresolved problems out of sight are very much not gone.

If you have such an issue that’s out of sight that is bothering or harming your energies, even if you are not conscious of it, it may already be popping back up (just in a different way to before) or it may be dormant and just simply waiting for that trigger, which may not be at a great time in your life as trigger points are generally not good times.

Or you can allow homeopathy to help resolve the problem. Sometimes homeopathy can resolve some issue while it is still under the carpet (Yippee! you say!). I, as much as you, prefer that neat and tidy option! But unfortunately sometimes it does have to come out of hiding to be healed properly and hopefully permanently.

So during healing it is possible that an old issue may flare up as it is healed. But at least this time it is being healed in the right way and not just suppressed again.