The Path To Healing

What will your path be?

Will it be long and winding?

Will it be instant and quick?

If you have a variety of symptoms then . . .

perhaps it will be a mix of the two!

What I do know is that the healing will likely be Deep and the outcome Surprising – as healing rarely fails to astonish and what evolves likely won’t be what you expect! It’s a bit like setting off on a journey with no sat nav or map. You have a general idea of where you’d like to go and you set off in that general direction. However the universe is your guide and may lead you to interesting places you had never considered going along the route!

People quite often find in healing of any kind, and I have especially seen it in homeopathy, that the remedies may have just been taken initially for relief of a physical problem But the actual effects on the spirit, the psyche, the emotions and mental health and well-being can be profound too. To the extent that it can change you as a person. I have seen people suddenly free of emotional and psychological burdens in their life after taking remedies they’d only planned / thought to take for physical pain / discomfort. The effects can very much be life changing and that can be surprising! But all very much for their best interest, for their overall happiness and health.