Cantharis ~ Spanish fly

Spanish fly has quite a reputation but in homeopathy there is only healing to be had of the symptoms Spanish fly can cause!

Here’s how I have been working with Cantharis 12c homeopathic remedy:

It is quite well known in homeopathy for being helpful for cystitis. This is what first led me to this remedy for a patient. And since then this remedy has popped up for several other things.

First regarding cystitis there has been a great reduction in occurrences of chronic cystitis where the patient was having regular flare ups despite even when taking antibiotics. We found this was because he had dehydration cystitis.

The same patient also had some jaw pain during and after chewing. This led him to avoid certain foods. While taking cantharis his pain eased and he was able to eat more. He also seemed a lot happier in himself.

Another patient came to me later also experiencing lower jaw pain and she also benefitted from cantharis 12c regularly. This greatly relieved her toothache and saved her leaping to find a dentist in the pandemic. She also was happier and brighter, more energetic on this remedy! She said she felt creative, more connected to herself, more inspired and noticed a reduction in her OCD. This reduced OCD she described as needing to check things fewer times, like checking doors were locked and closed, including the fridge freezer door, checking cables were tidy and not where they might spark and start a fire, checking windows were closed and loved ones safe. Although she wasn’t expecting a reduction in her OCD she was really relieved about it! She said she still had to check all these things but she didn’t have to check them about 10 times in a row! Just once or twice. She also felt lighter about the checking, less bound by it, like it wasn’t so serious now. We are hoping for further reduction in her OCD with this remedy. The reason this remedy has been helpful is that it is excellent for severe anxiety, and where the anxiety alters their behaviour or character in some way.

The same female patient also found that a chronic itchy rash cleared up with Cantharis 12c that was aggravated by heat! Cantharis is known for helping burning sensations, for example the burning frequent urination with cystitis.

The same female patient asked me for help one day with a sudden heartburn. In the past she had tried remedies like arsenicum album and phosphorus (both known for helping burning sensations) for this but without any success. The only thing she had previously found to help her heartburn was Activated Charcoal, and she didn’t fancy the constipation that accompanied this nor the deactivation of her thyroid medication and nutrients, as can be caused by charcoal sadly. This time I said to try repeating her Cantharis remedy given it helps burning conditions. She tried it and it worked immediately! She was dreading a couple of days of heartburn as soon as she noticed it flare up, but this was reduced just to the few hours before she contacted me. Then bingo, back to normal. And what was the episode of heartburn caused by for this patient? Sudden severe anxiety! Taking the remedy not only healed the heartburn secondary symptom but also the primary core symptom of severe anxiety.

As you can see, this remedy usage in the two patient examples here show how often more than one symptom is healed with one remedy. If you went to a doctor for say a skin rash, cystitis, OCD, heartburn and a dentist for toothache, not only would you end up with a big bill, probably called a hypochondriac but you’d be put on a myriad of medications, one for each separate problem. I love the way a few pills of one homeopathic remedy can treat so many different things. I love holistic medicine ❤️